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    Here at Five Star most all denture or partial repairs can be done while you wait!!! However, some cases will require you to leave your denture or partial if it is a more complex repair.  DO NOT try to repair your dentures yourself.  If any gule is used it will not allow the laboratory to repair your denture effectively and can ruin your denture permanently. 

Repair Fracture – $75

Repair Single Tooth – $75

Repair Porcelain Tooth – $125

Repair with Impression – $125

Nylon Flexible Partial repair single tooth – $165 **Nylon Flexible partial repairs can not be completed in one day***



   Most relines can be completed in one day if you schedule your appointment before 9:00am.  Temporary healing soft relines are usually done for patients that just had extractions or may be having poor retention.  Temporary’s are not a long term solution but will help the healing process while you wait to have the permanent reline. Silicone permanent soft liners are a great option for people who have trouble wearing a lower denture.  Silicone soft liner acts as a shock absorber between the denture and the gum tissue.  It helps alleviate pressure points, soreness, and helps stabilize the denture.

Relines – $150 per denture

Silicone permanent soft liner – $250 per denture

Chair side permanent soft reline – $139 per denture

Temporary  soft liner – $45 per denture




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