I loved the whole ordeal.  They made me feel special.  Gave one on one time and effort.  You will be totally satisfied.  I am.

Kimberly E.

Everyone was very professional and it made me feel comfortable about getting my new dentures.  I thought about you guys when I went to sleep and when I woke up this mornings so I just had to call.  I know a lot of people that need dentures because of my age and I will be more than happy to spread the word.

Jeanna L.

I wanted to take this time to say thank you, for the job you have done on my replacement dentures.  I could not be any happier.  I attribute the great job, to you and your wonderful staff.  I was much impressed with the fact that you are such a “perfectionist”.  Which accounted for the perfect job you have done.  When we look at ourselves in the mirror we are really critical and see what we may consider flaws, but in actuality no one else see’s them.  I was almost certain I liked my new dentures, but then when I went thru the drive thru at McDonalds a few weeks after getting my new dentures, the young girl at the drive thru window smiled and said, “You have pretty teeth”, I smiled back and said thank you.  At that time I was certain that I definitely like my new dentures.  The price for my new dentures was great, you did such a great job on the wax try-in, that I only needed a few adjustments.  My new teeth fit perfect, no sore spots, I can eat without problems.  I am fully comfortable with them.  They are so good that my dentures have become part of me.  My experience with Five Star Dentures was such a good experience, I would highly recommend you and your company to any of my friends or acquaintances, that may need your services.  So I would have to give you "Five Stars".

Dave M.

Your name Five Star certifies your staff and services.  We are happy with and well pleased with both staff and services we have received. 

Mr & Mrs Wilhoit

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